About Us


Well come to Auto Land Akl Ltd


For decades, Japanese cars have been renowned worldwide for their quality and reliability. They are still in high demand across the globe this day.

As one of many car exporters in business today, we at Auto Land Akl strive to provide you with the most outstanding service to be found anywhere.


We have implemented a new style of business in which we take care of all the necessary steps in bringing your car from Japan to New Zealand, from the buying of vehicles to the arranging of their shipping.


Each day, Auto Land Akl will link up with the best auctions from all over Japan, offering in excess of 300,000+ vehicles per week from late model, near new cars to lower priced vehicles.

All makes and models are on offer, both from Japanese manufacturers through to American and European imported vehicles. We are fortunate to be able to access 80+ auctions each week. From small auctions (Jaa, ZIP etc) to the biggest auctions (CAA , USS). Most importers can only dream of having access to these auctions as they take years of dealings and knowing the right people in Japan. Our partners in Japan are trustworthy friends more so than business partners and have been for over 20 years so you can rest assured your vehicles are in the best hands.


Drop us an e-mail or call now for a no obligation quote to import your next vehicle direct from Japanese dealer only auctions.





We are committed to our clients and they will always remain at the heart of our business. They drive our business forward and everything we do must meet their needs and expectations by giving them only the best service quality.

We are strong team of professionals who are not afraid to face challenges and push boundaries to help our clients. Our one primary mission is to help our clients to buy good quality Japanese used cars through Japanese car auctions.

Auto Land Akl delivering high quality service results delivered through clear communications and superior customer care.