How do I join Auto Link Holdings?

  • Click to connect us http://autolandakl.com/
  • Email autolandakl@gmail.com for a guaranteed reply
  • Call +642 1289 8224 or +64 9270 2194  for a speedy reply
  • We will give you a call and help you to get started if you are new to the trade.

What will it cost me to join us?

  • There are no joining or ongoing subscription fees at Auto Land Akl Limited.
  • All costs are included in the FOB or CIF value of your purchases.

What do I need?

  • Little or no experience of importing cars from Japan as we will guide you
  • No Japanese language skills as our staff will look after your order 
  • We will help get you set up if you don't have Internet Explorer or a current Internet connection You can call us of if you have Yahoo /MSN or Skype please get in touch with us for free 

Who can use our service?

  • Any Motor vehicle dealer or private individual from any part of the world. Please take into consideration that fo some countries we will request to make the full payment before we bid at the auction or ship the car  

What auctions you access to?

  • We currently cover almost all major auctions in Japan
  • We are continually developing our access to online stocks of our dealers
  • We provide information of the vehicle as much as possible and additional picture if needed
  • Advance of US¥1,000
    Currency Converter
    or Japanese Yen 100,000 is for order to bid in auction. Until we develop a relationship we bid only if you have paid the deposit security in advance. This amount is refundable and adjustable in purchase
  • If your offer price is successful you win the car. Then you have to deposit the balance amount of the vehicle by TT to our company. After receiving the balance payment we will ship your vehicle to your final destination. In case of failure to deposit balance amount then your security amount will try to hold it but if you do not respond and we can sell that vehicle to other customer. But under no circumstances you can not cancel any successful bids. So we request you to take extra precautions before you decide to buy the car.  

Can I pay by credit card and US$?

l   At the moment you can pay only by Bank transfers (TT). Please note that you cannot pay by other currencies and we accept only Japanese yen. Also most of the countries we do not accept L/C and please let us know and case by case we will decide  and answer your question

What is the auction system?     

  • We provide pictures of your vehicle before we bid In Japanese Auction you will get over 5000 cars for day. We will make your bid more competitive as we do live biddings Auction houses has developed a carefully structured vehicle inspection system that is strictly applied to every cars listed for auction. Cars are evaluated based on grade inspection system and condition is as specified. There is no need for you look at the car personally because these inspection results are an accurate and reliable reflection of each


What days are the auctions?

  • Japan has auctions running 6 days per week, from Monday to Saturday. We are pleased to inform you that Auto Link Japan do cover all the major auctions


How long will it take the vehicles to arrive to my country?

  • We aims to have vehicles delivered to the dealer as early as possible
  • The actual delivery times may vary, according to inland transport and shipping schedules and availability of ships to each of the countries

Is your service available to the public?

  • Yes and Auto Land Akl Japan has a dealer network so that you can buy the vehicles from the domestic market in addition to auction for very competitive prices. 

Can you ship vehicles in a container country and how much will it cost?

  • Yes. Contact us to discuss your shipping needs and charges.
  • Depending on the country and shipping schedule we may give your other options like shipping by container. This could be a share container or individual container
  • The shipping cost is depending on the number of vessels and the schedule. While we do our utmost best to ship your car we can not guarantee that we will ship the car with a stipulated period.
  • If you need to insure your are before the shipment please inform us and we are happy to do that and there will be an additional cost for that  


   What if something is wrong with the vehicle once I receive it?

  • We assure the quality of all vehicles bought through us is as specified ,
  • However as you are aware these cars are used in Japan and the condition and the quality may be not up to your expectation. We encourage you to talk to us and clear all your doubts and gray areas before we ship the car. We can not take claims after we ship the car as we give all available information with us at the time we purchase the car on your behalf.    
  • We can not indemnify you against losses arising while the car is on the water or transport in the domestic port in your country.
  • Unfortunately, we don't give any warranty for a car but we disclose any interior/exterior damage, repair history, the distance the car has been driven, etc. We report this information based on the information provided on the Japanese auction sheet so you can understand the condition of the car you are buying.